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20 Years Experience In Content Design for Training Documentation, Implementations, User Conferences and Sales.



process 1


User Manuals & Guides, Standard Operating Procedures, Implementation & Installation Guides, Marketing Materials and Online and web-based Help

I have produced 1,000's of pages of documentation for over 20 years. The documents created were for a variety of industries, including: retail, telecommunications, warehouse/distribution centers and healthcare software.

These time-driven projects relied on my communication, design, editing and project management skills to get them done on time to meet the needs of both my internal and external customers

process 2


Trainer-led recordings, interactive software training, edited webinar recordings and talent-based videos.

Each company I work for has requested training videos to help teach a procedure or a how-to process, whether it was for an instructional training screen recording, interactive training or talent-led videos.

Since 1995, I've created hundred of hours of training-based videos to meet the needs of the customers and to help cut down on the cost of over-the-phone and on-site training.

process 3


Static business sites, interactive forms and online help / training resource sites

My jobs has ultimately led to creating web sites to promote products and services, streamline software implementation processes with interactive, online forms or learn more about the software a customer uses.

Ultimately, these sites were key in increasing sales, customer satisfaction and cutting-down on laborous back-end procedures during software implementations.


Over the years, I've had the privilege to work for or contract with
some of the best organizations in a variety of industries.
  • MicroCenter
  • CPR+ / Definitive Homecare Solutions
  • Qwest Communications
  • Cardinal Health
  • Mediware Information Systems
  • 2nd and Seven Foundation
  • Carter Raynes Claims Services